ABC Book

At this point, I should probably edit MB’s ABC book to make P stand for PROCRASTINATE. First I procrastinated on finding the pictures [Q and I were hard for me, and I didn’t want to pose any pictures just for the book.]. Then I procrastinated on getting prints made. And then, just when I was admitting to myself that this project might go the way of my wedding scrapbook, sad and neglected, I realized I could do the whole thing very handily on Shutterfly. And I realized I already had Q and I pictures– I just had to search back through the blog to find them.  Within one nap time, it was done! [We won’t talk about the laundry and dishes that certainly did not get done.]

And then I got it in the mail, did a little dance, and procrastinated on writing this post.

Better late than never?

It only took…18 months to complete. At this rate, I guess I better go ahead and get started on LDWIV’s ABC book. He’ll still need this when he’s five, right?

[Edit: I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I got it from here— so so long ago!]



This is what happens when I start in on my mom about organizing her sewing room, which typically looks like a bomb of fabric and ribbon has exploded only seconds before.

I start nagging her to pare down some of her goods, and before long we’ve spied some red gingham fabric that is screaming to be made into an apple applique and a matching skirt.

Two hours later, nothing has been organized or rearranged or thrown away, but Mary Bullock has a new back-to-school outfit. And the fabric bomb has moved to the dining room.

Which is all worth it when Mary Bullock puts it on in the morning and squeals TUUUUUTE, MAMA! and then APPLE! SHIRT!

A few more squeals like that, and there might be a fabric bomb in my house one of these days.

But don’t mention this to Lee. I’m trying to break it to him slowly.

Sewing Lessons

Did I tell you that my parents are in town? Yes, they got here right after we returned from vacation. So we have exactly no clean laundry in the house, but I’m not worried about that right now. Tomorrow, I will panic.

Today, I had a sewing lesson.

I haven’t sewed anything other than a button since my Grandma gave Jen and me Cabbage Patch Kid sewing machines for Christmas when we were 8. I’m pretty sure we sewed a pillow and then gave up. Now I know why–sewing is kind of complicated. And my mom has been doing it since she was 12, so she talks kind of fast, and is all like: DUH, you have to back stitch it, while I pick the lint out of my belly button.

No, it wasn’t that bad. But I have so much to learn. SO much to learn.

Ode to the Scissor Set

I am the owner of a very large Scissor Set. [I mean, large for a non-craftytype.] Momthecraftygenius bought them for me several birthdays ago, along with some other very complicated looking scrapbooking supplies. I had good intentions of finishing our wedding scrapbook, really I did. But then I didn’t. And the scissor set sort of mocked me.

And then Lee people started laughing at me for even owning such a Scissor Set. So, the Scissor Set went into hiding in the closet, along with my crafty intentions. Until yesterday when I needed some pinking shears.

You were right all along, Scissor Set. You were right, and Lee was wrong. I’ll never hide your light under a bushel again.

Let’s talk Birthday Party

I am not a DIYer. I’m sure this causes my mother great emotional pain, since as previously discussed, she can make just about anything. But for some reason, Mary Bullock’s impending 1st birthday party makes me want to cut, sew, mold, bake, and glue up a storm.

Not to say that I have actually done any cutting, sewing, molding, baking, or gluing thus far, but it could happen. There’s still time.

Until then, I like to look at pictures of what other people have done and file them away in my little memory bank to steal at a later date. Like, when I have learned how to sew, paint, or… cut in a straight line. Watch out, MB! Your 18th birthday party is going to be sweet.

via Spearmint Baby

via Spearmint Baby

via Southern Exposure

[That last one is the handiwork of my friend Rachel, who also did Mary Bullock’s birthday invitations. I can’t wait to show them to you! It’s going to be hard to wait another few weeks until I send them out! So don’t be shocked if you get this invitation for her late October birthday party like…next week.]