The Sharks missed out on this one

So, I was all set to do another post today, but maybe I’ll have to do that one later. I just came upon this:

Poo-Pourri. Apparently, you spray it either IN the soiled diaper or IN the diaper pail, and it eliminates odors.

I’m sorry this is indelicate. If you’ve never been desperate to get rid of the pervasive stink of a diaper pail, feel free to now click off to somewhere else in internetz land. You won’t hurt my feelings.

But if this really works, how is this not in every Target? How? And why didn’t I invent this? Why are the millions not mine?

Actually, perhaps I’m glad to have left the inventing of such a product to someone else. Otherwise, I can just see me at cocktail parties, loose from the wine and attempting to explain the Trap-a-Crap.

[Did I even just say that?]


Friday Favorites: Week in Review

Favorite Picture

Favorite Blog Post [Definitely click the link. You’ll totally snarf if you haven’t already.]

Favorite TV personality

I know I just posted this picture yesterday, but DID YOU SEE THAT POCKET SQUARE? Tell me that doesn’t send your heart aflutter.

But I digress.

Favorite Trend I Could Never Pull Off

Favorite Trend I Could Totally Pull Off and The Return of Which I Have Been Awaiting Since Approximately 1996

Favorite Newly Re-discovered Song of the Week: Hooch, by Everything. Wow, that song makes me smile.

Fresh-e Freshy Friday, Everyone!

Have you been watching The Shark Tank?

Because we have been. What a perfect show for us! Lee is always coming up with some million dollar idea or other, and I am always telling him why it won’t work. Let’s see. Among other things, we’ve discussed baby weights (not sure how that would go over) and organic baby food (whoops, someone beat you to it). This was all prior to actually having a baby, of course.

Anyway, this show is both painful and exhilarating to watch. Painful in that you know that these people have put down a lot of their own money (most of the time very stupidly) to develop these products. Going on this show to ask the sharks for money seems like a last ditch effort for a lot of them, after raiding their kids’ college funds and mortgaging their houses several times. It’s hard to watch the sharks turn them down (and most of them do get turned down). But I guess it takes all kinds of stupid to make the world go ’round.

But the other side to the show is the excitement when the sharks bite on one of the ideas, especially when the sharks start bidding against each other. And then Kevin O’Leary can always be counted on to tell the entrepreneurs that they will be “dead to him” if they turn down his offer.

Of course every time we watch the show, we spend the next few days talking about what products we would come up with to show the sharks. And since we have a girl who likes to find problems in our house, we’re always coming up with solutions to something or other. Most recently, Lee’s eureka! idea was to invent some sort of a box to go over the electrical outlet so that MB doesn’t pull the computer cords out, which is her ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THING TO DO AND HOW DARE YOU TRY TO DRAG HER OUT FROM UNDER THE DESK!

It’s genius! We’ll make millions! MILLIONS!

Oh, wait. You mean something like this?


On the upside, though, we did order one, and it’s awesome! Highly recommend it if you have a baby fink running around your house like we do in ours!

Back to The Shark Tank: Awesome show. Definitely watch it, even if for no other reason than because Robert Herjavic is really good looking. Look at that pocket square.