Santa Claus is coming to town

Let’s just skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and move right along to Christmas, shall we?

I’m kidding. We’ll get back to those holidays [and MB’s Halloween costume, which I’m so excited about]. But MB has already started on her Christmas list, and it’s actually very short. Want to know what’s on it? I’ll show you.

MB’s Christmas List

Everything in the catalogue

See? She’s making it so easy on us. Just buy everything.

Last night after carefully showing me every picture, she snuggled up with Lee to review.
I want dat and dat and dat and dat and dat, she said.
What are those? he asked.
I don’t know. 

I think we might be in for an interesting Christmas.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any Santa toothpaste yet. Will someone alert me when it’s available? We might need to have a chat.


I’ve got a sickness

And it’s called Skip*Hop.

It started last year on my quest for MB’s backpack for school.

This backpack just makes me happy. She loved it too [BONUS!] and actually wore it on her back to and from playschool every day. [Ok, I might have carried it after school a few times.]

This year she added the matching lunch bag.

And this week, on a mission to preserve the few articles of clothing that actually still fit Big Bo, I realized they also make Zoo Bibs.

I’ve never been one for bibs with pithy sayings on them, like If you think I’m a BRAT you should see my Daddy!! or some such. But this eventually led to an apathy toward bibs in general, which has led to a shrinking wardrobe of outfits not covered in peas and squash.

The Zoo Bibs fulfill all of my wildest bib-related desires and are machine washable.

Now he can wear those clothes just as long as his belly-belly will let him!

But I think Skip*Hop needs to start contributing to our babies’ college funds. It’s only fair.

Baby Rain Boots

Have I mentioned how much it rains here?

A lot.

A lot, A-lot.

So all of MB’s shoes are getting kind of mucky. Not that we go tromping around in the rain, [although I’m sure that would thrill her to pieces] but the ground is always wet and she likes to take the wettest route possible on any given trek.

Because she’s MB, you know?  What’s the fun in staying dry?

Hence, my rain boot shopping. It’s a foregone conclusion that I will not be spending $60 on Hunter Wellies for my not quite two year-old, so I’ve been scoping some other options.

Morgan & Milo Casey Rain Boot $32

Western Chief Tiny Horses Rain Boot $27

Trumpette Mary Jane Rain Boot $40

The perfect diaper bag?

After my last diaper bag post, my sister, total buzzkill that she is, pointed out that any diaper bag without a cross-body strap was just asking for frustration.

Much as I hated to admit it, she is right. At least, she is right for people like us who have very little patience for clunky diaper bags falling off of our shoulders with a baby in tow.

And so, I present for your opinions what may be the perfect solution.

The Timi & Leslie Hannah Bag $154

Comes with a clutch, bottle bag, changing pad, and–AND– an attachable cross-body strap. And–AND–stroller straps.


For the record, I will say that I can’t find it in stock in this particular color. But it does come in bronze.

Which I also love.

So, what do you think? Too flashy for a diaper bag? It IS kind of shiny, especially for a person such as myself who rarely finds herself wearing anything other than jeans and spit-up soaked T-shirts for months postpartum.

But perhaps if I carried a shiny diaper bag, I would be shamed into actually–I don’t know, something crazy–like washing my hair on a daily basis after Baby Boy comes.

Thanks in advance for your help and advice on this terribly important matter.