Library Field Trip

Yesterday we took one of my favorite field trips ever, to the Main Library via the Jacksonville Skyway.

We did this with an adult to child ratio of 3:8.
Unless you count Maggie as an adult, which as of yesterday, I do.

It took all of our organizational efforts, Maggie acting as a human kid leash, and some major outside voices just to get the kids to the library in one piece, but it was fun to see them so excited.














The library was decked out for Christmas with several thematically decorated trees, but once we were there the main attractions were the books, any structures that could be inappropriately climbed upon, and the huge fountain on the terrace outside.














I didn’t get any outside pictures because I was too busy changing poopy diapers and convincing MB that it is NOT ok to strip naked in public.
This argument took much longer than it should have because she already had her shirt off.
I mean, really.

It was a great day, but we all earned a long nap for this one!


Halloween’s in the Bag!

I’ll be honest: this morning when the streets were wet and it looked rainy and dark, I was sort of hoping for all day thunderstorms. Something– anything, really– to make Halloween go away. I’m a total Halloween Scrooge, as we have previously discussed.  But of course, the day ended up beautiful and warm, perfect for trick-or-treating [or, in MB’s new slang, tricker].

MB ended up with several costumes, but their real costumes were Max & Ruby [Ruby! And her Little Brother Max!] My mom contributed significantly to their costumes. I made Bo’s shirt and whined through most of it. Did you not believe me when I said I was a Halloween Scrooge? Because I was not really exaggerating.

This was the last time Bo wore his ears. I think he thought they were his dinner. Why my dinna on my head? he must have thought to himself.

Mary Bullock was serious about tricker this year. She didn’t really understand what the deal was with the candy at first, but she figured it out very quickly while swindling four candies out of the nice mommy at the first house we visited.

As it got dark, MB just had to take a little bweak. A bweak from walking, that is. Not from candy. Oh no. That would have been ridiculous.

And then Ruby & Superman walked home.  I bet Superman’s parents even pilfered his candy. [Not that Ruby’s parents would ever ever ever ever do that.**]

And that was that. We didn’t even carve pumpkins this year. Oh well.

On a side note, though: I took Bo to a playdate for MOPs this morning dressed like this:

It was a costume party, so I claimed that he was dressed as his Daddy. But really these were just the first clothes that I grabbed out of the drawer and wrangled him into on our way out the door.

Then Daddy showed up to our pre-tricker festivities at Meg’s house dressed like…drumroll please?

And though I may be the biggest Halloween Scrooge ever, that was definitely a Birthday Thing.


It’s the Great Pumpkin 2011

[Catch It’s the Great Pumpkin 2010 and 2009 here and here. Mary Bullock has different colored eyes every year! Wonder what next year will be?]

Our annual October obsession with the pumpkin patch is well under way around here. We were temporarily derailed last week of course, so we’re a little behind. We’ve only had three patch trips so far, but I’m sure there will be several more before November.

It has come to my attention [via Jill] that what we call a pumpkin “patch” in Florida is kind of laughable to the rest of the world. There are no pumpkins growing here. It’s just a place for us fall-starved folks to go and pretend for a minute that it’s not still in the upper 80s straight on through December.

But we’ll take whatever we can get!

Dear Bobo,

Here are a few of the many things I love about you:
1. Your cheeks are cool and squishy.

2. You laugh so easily. It makes me feel like the funniest human being alive. [I mean, next to Sissy. Because she is clearly the humor winner in this household.]

3. You sit down with a toy and play and play and play. And when you’ve played so hard with your toy that it rolls away from you, you wait patiently for its replacement instead of squawking as another [nameless!] child in our household would have done.

4. You let me sleep until 5 this morning. I would have loved you for 4:30, but that extra thirty minutes really sealed the deal.


Half Way

Is it just me, or did July 4th come sooner this year than it ever has before? I’m still kind of mind-boggled that we’re half way through summer. I thought for sure I would have myself together before now.

But no.

The opposite, actually. Instead of getting myself together, so far this summer I have:
Created a holla hoop monster
Smashed my brand new cell phone to bits
Utterly failed at part 2 of potty training if you know what I mean

Allowed MB to watch ungodly amounts of Toweus Jowges [Curious George] and Mawfa Peaks [Martha Speaks] in the name of my own sanity
Hmm…what else.
Forgotten to get the dry cleaning…oh…every single week. Not even kidding.

I’ve also:
Taken whatever semblance there was of Bobo’s schedule and trashed it
Said some bad words much louder than I meant to
Lost my temper
Lost my bathing suit
Lost various pool towels
Lost some of Lee’s brand new work shirts.

Most of that turned back up eventually.  We’re hoping the shirts are the result of a forgot to pick up the dry cleaning incident, and not a forgot to lock the car door and they were stolen from our driveway incident.

Oh well.

As MB says in potty training: That’s o-tay, I guess. We’ll just have to teeeeeeep twying.

I learn something new from her every day.