A Dog, a Chair and a Proposal

Meet Ingle.

Ingle sheds. A lot.

Which is why our black desk chair, which was pretty ugly to begin with, is covered in fur. I can get most of it off when I put my mind to it, but I’ve tried just about every trick in the book, and it’s never fully fur-free.

Which is why I am going to make an impassioned pitch to Lee when he gets home that will involve putting this chair on the curb on a Sunday night and seeing how fast it disappears.

I’ve already got a back up in mind. See, I’ve been swooning over this chair from Ballard

for several months. But even on sale, it’s about $635, which lands it solidly outside of our budget for non-essential purchases (which is, right now, $0).

But this chair

from Overstock is pretty similar (no tufts, boo) for $180.

Now, you math wizards are probably already protesting that this is still $180 beyond our non-essential purchase budget.

This is where Ingle comes in.

Anyone want to buy a dog? Housebroken. Bad breath. Hard on vacuum cleaners, but entirely lovable.  $180, firm.