At long last…

I saw this on I Suwanee this morning…
and remembered that I have yet to actually post pictures of our new den! You would think it would have occurred to me sooner, but you’d be surprised what does not occur to a girl whose life is a circus of house showings, Doa the Exploa, baby + toddler poop, and constant grocery store runs. 
But I have digressed into whining. My apologies.

I’ve done a little more accessorizing on the shelves since that last picture was taken. Now they look more like what you see in the picture above. These bookshelves were definitely one of the most inexpensive parts of the new look, but are easily one of my favorite features.

We still have a couple of projects to go till we’re complete. The coffee table needs…something. Either painting or replacing. We need a drink table by the leather chair that doesn’t cost a gazillion dollars. We need more art on the walls. But we’re giving those endeavors a little break for now– especially while we try to sell the house.

In case you don’t know me at all, and you’re actually entertaining the idea that I came up with any of this myself, my friend Rachel helped us with this. And actually she’s famous. Check her out on page 52.

Baby crying– my carriage is once again a pumpkin. More later!


You asked

And by you, I mean, Taylor. The rest of you might not care. Except Molly. You care about everything MB and L4 related. ๐Ÿ™‚
So– the nursery. The nursery that I fretted, nagged, cried, and swore over? It’s not done. I’m not sure it will ever be done. I prefer to think of it as a work in progress, sort of like me. I’m sure we’ll keep ticking projects off of the to-do list right up until the time this room is ready to be turned into something else!

First, a repeat picture of my squirrel.  I posted the first picture of him with his giraffe here, just so you can see how big he is getting. So– this is his crib. The outside of the bumper is Amy Butler Full Moon Dots in Cherry.  Here is a better picture of the bedding– taken the day we came home from the hospital. The inside is super soft minky dots. [I want to cover my entire house in minky dots. I rub my face on MB’s pillows when she’s not looking.]

I chose this fabric because it coordinates with the Amy Butler Wallflower print that I used for MB’s bedskirt.

Finding fabrics that coordinated for both boy and girl was a little tricky, especially since I am not skilled enough to make decisions about color and scale and design-y things like that. Amy Butler prints are coordinated enough for dummies like me. ๐Ÿ™‚

The curtains are sailcloth panels from Target that got an upgrade from Grandma Moose [my mom]. She is my go-to seamstress for baby rooms, much to her dismay at this point. I’m sure every time her phone rings now, she’s willing me to just buy something from Pottery Barn Kids already.  Ahhhh– but I could never be so easy. [Which she should totally know by now, having raised me. =)]

Just a few weeks ago I finally got around to doing the “art” [if you can call it that] for the space above the changing table.

I wanted [and actually convinced Lee to get] a Sugarboo print for above the changing table. I’ve wanted one forever and thought it would be perfect for this space– until the day that MB stuck her hand into a tub of Aquaphor and smeared it all over that very wall while I was changing her diaper.  And then Plan B was hatched. It’s a canvas covered in burlap and painted with fabric paint, so even if it one day gets covered in poop, [and I am positive that day will come sooner rather than later] I can toss it and do something else and not shed tears over it.

We finally got around to hanging Lee IV’s car mobile a few weeks ago. And by we, I mean Lee III.  I am no help on these projects.

[Another idea hijacked from Sugarboo and executed by my chief seamstress.]

And that’s about it, unless you want pictures of the piles of toys and dirty clothes on the floor. Let me know if you do– I like to keep it real around here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Big Girl Room

I’ve got a while to think about MB’s big girl room, especially because we are most likely not going to be living in our house when the new baby comes. So there will be lots of shuffling in the next six to nine months, during which time I can hem and haw over fabric and generally keep myself busy surfing the internet for ideas, like I have nothing better to do.

Today’s internet surfing brought me to Premier Prints, and whoa. Can I just take one of each?

I’m thinking either a painted or upholstered headboard, either way in turquoise, and one or more pink prints for pillows and sheeting. I can keep her Dash & Albert rug which I don’t think Baby Boy will appreciate as a handmedown:

I know which one Mary Bullock would like best!

Edit: Wait Wait! Add this, too:

A Dog, a Chair and a Proposal

Meet Ingle.

Ingle sheds. A lot.

Which is why our black desk chair, which was pretty ugly to begin with, is covered in fur. I can get most of it off when I put my mind to it, but I’ve tried just about every trick in the book, and it’s never fully fur-free.

Which is why I am going to make an impassioned pitch to Lee when he gets home that will involve putting this chair on the curb on a Sunday night and seeing how fast it disappears.

I’ve already got a back up in mind. See, I’ve been swooning over this chair from Ballard

for several months. But even on sale, it’s about $635, which lands it solidly outside of our budget for non-essential purchases (which is, right now, $0).

But this chair

from Overstock is pretty similar (no tufts, boo) for $180.

Now, you math wizards are probably already protesting that this is still $180 beyond our non-essential purchase budget.

This is where Ingle comes in.

Anyone want to buy a dog? Housebroken. Bad breath. Hard on vacuum cleaners, but entirely lovable.  $180, firm.

1 Resolution down, 9 to go!

Lee and I put some major time into the hall closet this weekend, so on day 11 I can actually mark one New Year’s Resolution off of my list!

We even threw out some love letters while we were at it. It was harder than we thought it would be, throwing out evidence of our lives before each other. In the end, though, given our limited storage capacity, the evidence of our lives together wins the closet space.

[Update: speaking of evidence of our lives together, Lee’s major project for the weekend was organizing our massive CD and DVD collection. Guess what we found? The never before watched DVD of our rehearsal dinner! So Mary Bullock and I watched it today! Fun times. We looked so young. And skinny.] 

The resolution I’m having the most trouble with is actually the exercising, even though I’d really like to be doing it instead of being trapped in the house. It’s just hard to justify taking Mary Bullock out for a run when it’s 35 degrees outside. When it warms up, though…I’m on it. Swear.

Love Letters: Keep or Toss?

I decided since Mary Bullock likes to go through junk and throw it on the floor anyway, we might as well work together on the hall closet. It’s located right outside of her nursery, so doing it during her nap really wasn’t an option, anyway.

So, after lunch we dug in. I got almost everything out except these boxes.

The two shoe boxes are Lee’s love letters. [The larger plastic bin actually contains his baseball card collection. YES. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE USING OUR PRIME STORAGE REAL ESTATE FOR.]


The flowered box contains the only love letters that I have kept. [And Lee calls me a pack rat.]

Whenever we clean out this closet, [if you can believe that we have ever cleaned it out before, given its prior state] it always comes down to this.  He hasn’t been able to actually throw them away yet. In his defense, they are not all love letters. Many are. [If you have ever figured prominently in my husband’s life, by the way, I have read your letters.] But others are letters that his grandfather wrote to him when he was in college, cards from his mother and grandmothers– precious things. Those won’t go anywhere.

But the love letters. Hm. I vote for burning. [Except the ones from me, of course.]

What do you think? What have you done with your old love letters?

Christmas Tree tour wrap up

It’s a mouse! In a boot! I don’t know what would make such a combination prime for Christmas ornamentation, but this is apparently Lee’s favorite ornament from when he was little, so he has lived at our house since we’ve been married. Happy little mouse, huh?
This is one of those “couple’s first Christmas” ornaments that are the requisite wedding shower gift. But this one is special [to me, at least] because of the verse on the left hand side. Those of you who know us well know that Lee and I are probably the two most impatient people who ever lived. We know and accept this about each other, though it never ceases to frustrate both of us [I know, right? We get frustrated at each other for being impatient. Nice combo]. That’s why we have Love is Patient inscribed on our wedding rings. Lest we forget. Although, we usually remind each other like this:
Or vice versa.

My mom gave this one to us a few years ago. Those are cartoons of each of us. It even has salt-n-pepper for Lee’s hair. Such an eye for detail! He’s labeled Lee, III because–have I told you this?–there are 14,000 other Lees between our two families. And Moms just wanted to be clear about which one I was being depicted holding hands with on this ornament. 

This is Mary Bullock’s new ornament. But the more appropriate view is this one:

Since this is the view I most often get of my very active child.

These are some of Lee’s favorites: the camping themed ornaments. I think our camping themed ornaments outnumber actual camping trips at this point.

Saved the best for last. This is Mary Bullock’s new ornament from Big Lee [Lee’s dad], who is the biggest Christmas fan ever to exist. I don’t know who was more excited about this ornament–Big Lee or me.  Mary Bullock didn’t seem to care just yet, but I’m guessing this will be the ornament that makes it to her grown-up Christmas tree in about 20 30 40 years, or whenever we allow her to leave us.
And, that’s it for the Christmas tree tour this year. I hope your Christmas tree holds as many precious memories [or memories in the making] as ours.