Three Is a Magic Number

I was over here this morning and have consequently been singing the entire catalogue of Schoolhouse Rock songs all morning. I’m sure Lee’s glad he’s at work so he misses this particular concert.

I remember watching them at school and on Saturday mornings, but my favorite memories of Schoolhouse Rock are much more recent. Grammar nerd that I am, I actually purchased the 25th anniversary edition DVD set when I was teaching, and I showed these videos all the time. Firstly, because it’s just an easy way to get kids to remember the differences between nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. [Yes, I taught high school, and if you think this is weird, you haven’t asked a high school student to name his parts of speech recently–you’d be SHOCKED! at his answers.]

But secondly, because they always made me laugh/sing/whistle in class, and any day at school when I was laughing/singing/whistling was a good day. Any day that Schoolhouse Rock made my kids laugh/sing/whistle was a SUPER good day.

Anyway, now I want to go and dig out my Schoolhouse Rock DVD from my teaching stuff, which is buried in the garage somewhere. I need to get Mary Bullock started right away, don’t you think? It just wouldn’t be right for the offspring of Lee and me [yes, it’s Lee and ME, not Lee and I] to not know her grammar, you know?