OH ya’ll

Is this not the freaking cutest thing you have EVER seen in ALL OF YOUR LIFE?

It’s not even FAIR for things to be this cute.

I just received my Mary Bullock’s Gator pinafore in the mail yesterday, and I thought that was about the cutest thing I had ever seen, and now this. It’s as though Rebecca has launched a full scale attack on my little heart strings.

I just. can’t. take it.


For this, I could be a Gator

Those of you who know me well know that I am not a sports fan. I have played all kinds of sports in my life, but I just don’t love watching sports on TV. Or, in the stands. Or…at all.  I will go to games, I will show up at a tailgate, but don’t ask me to recount a single play, or you will be vastly disappointed.

When Lee and I started dating, if you had held a gun to my head and asked what the University of Florida mascot was, I’m not entirely sure I could have come up with an answer.  When it became clear that this was of supreme importance, I actually made flashcards to memorize all the players, including their year and position. [This is how I made Lee fall in love with me, if any of you are wondering. I mean, I made flashcards. What’s not to love?]

Anyway, once Lee was in the bag, so to speak, I admit that I might have let my Florida fervor die. But thanks to Tim Tebow [don’t be a hater] and now this little pinafore, I can feel a new passion growing.

It’s reversible. How cute is that? And more importantly, how could Lee possibly say no?

Friends with Benefits

I love being the beneficiary of fabulous (and industrious) friends. I mean, I guess I do my share of baking, and I have been breaking out the scissor set recently, but it’s rare that I just decide to whip something up on a random Thursday like my friend Laura.

See those peanut butter sandwich cookies she was making? What do you think their destination was? Did you guess my house? (And she brought Prosecco, too! You have to love her.)

Anyway, I had to give some of them away so that I wouldn’t shove them all in my face at once in a peanut butter sandwich cookie frenzy, and now I’m regretting it.

Poor little guy. It’s lonely being the last one, I suppose. But don’t worry–I will put him out of his misery soon enough.

Another picture from the party:

See Laura’s daughter Maggie? She’s such a good babysitter. Mary Bullock loves her. See Maggie’s shirt? Laura made that, too. She also glued her four year old’s forehead together that morning.

I’m pretty sure I want to be her when I grow up.

If I can’t mope, I’ll (pretend) shop

Perhaps Lee will feel so sorry that he has left me for the night that he will let me get this necklace

to go with my new Florida game day shirt (in tangerine dream)?

Or, maybe this one?

I told him that I would make it my business to get an appropriately festive necklace to go with my not-at-all-festive-but-sort-of-in-the-same-color-family T-shirt. And now I have found it! I figure if I save $1/day, I should be able to purchase one of these beauties by…mid-basketball season? Are the Gators supposed to make it to the postseason?