Missing Freddy Alert

The Wedekind household is currently on a search and rescue mission. 
Please help MB find her friend

Four Freddies

I’ve been meaning to post about Mary Bullock’s Freddies for a while now, but it turns out, it’s hard to get them all together for a group photo. At any given time, one is in MB’s mouth, one is in her crib, one is in the wash [which may surprise you after you see these photos], and one is on the missing list.

Plus, most of my blogging gets done when MB is asleep with her Freddies wound tightly in her fists, so there’s that problem.

But tonight the Freddies were all present and accounted for.

Clockwise L-R: Freddy (original Freddy is the green one), Spotted Freddy, White Freddy, Pink Freddy

[Mary Bullock insisted on sitting in my lap for these pictures. Please excuse the odd angles.] 

Lest you think I am way weirder than I actually am, these lovies did not start out with the same name.  I had named them perfectly good names, but Freddy was the first one that Mary Bullock learned, so Freddy they all became.

She loves them all equally, thank goodness. This allows us to be able to wash a couple of them at a time. Because what she likes to do is suck on them.

That’s why all their tags are all brown and disgusting. They also smell really awful. She does not seem to notice.

Whenever she sees a Freddy after a long separation, she hugs it and says Fred-dyyyyyy! like she has missed a long lost friend.

I think if Mary Bullock could express herself more clearly, she would say that her Freddies are at the top of her Birthday Things list

right behind her books