Another swoon, brought to you by Etsy

Oh my gracious.
These are like anti-birth control, don’t you think?

Infant/ Toddler Blanket
Minky Stroller Blanket

Chenille Burp Cloth

 Bamboo Fleece Stroller Blanket

Quick! Somebody have a baby! 


Friday Favorites: Week in Review

How is it already the end of September? How am I the mother of an almost one year old? Where in the world does the time go? Do you ever feel that way?
I was taking the rice out of the pantry to make dinner last night, and suddenly I thought–shouldn’t the mommy be doing this? And why does she live so far away? And then I remembered: Oh wait. That’s me. I’m the mommy.


Favorite Etsy find: [and I hesitate to even post this, so DON’T GANK IT!]

Favorite new TV show [and The Office was super disappointing, so this might move up to Favorite TV show, period]:

Favorite Blog Post. Makes me kind of want a do-over with Mary Bullock. I should have been a better at my documentation. Instead, I watched the TV on mute for 9 straight hours post epidural. No fun pictures there.

It’s crazy that I’m already wishing you all another Happy Friday! I’m just crossing my fingers that next time I blink I won’t open my eyes to gray hair.