I write about myself [and my family] almost every day, but I hate About Me pages. I’m no good at summarizing. I’m good at details. As you may know if you’ve ever heard me take forty-five minutes to tell a story that took thirty seconds to play out in real life.

Here are some details [about me] that you may already know.

  • My husband’s name is Lee. His dad’s name is also Lee. And his granddad. I also have a brother named Lee [whose wife is named Leigh], two grandmothers whose middle names are Lee/Leigh, a grandfather whose middle name was Lee, a dad whose middle name is Lee[ford] and an uncle whose middle name is Lee. Lee [my husband] also has an uncle named Lee.
  • Not surprisingly, we named our baby boy Lee.
  • We call him Bo.
  • He has a big sister named Mary Bullock.
  • We call her Buck. Or Buck Buck. Or Bucky.
  • Update! We have a one year old, also! And if it tells you how our first year as parents of three went, it took me a whole year to add Tucker’s existence to my About Me page.
  • Our front mat says WELCOME TO THE ZOO. So apropos. Now I just need to work on getting some cages for the wild animals who live here.
  • I am a twin. She dresses better than me.
  • I cry almost every day over something or other. I would blame it on the kids being precious, but I’ve always been like this.

And a few details you may not know:

  • I pour my International Delight French Vanilla Hazelnut creamer into my coffee cup before the coffee because then I don’t have to stir. I hate to waste a spoon on stirring. Yes, I just said waste a spoon.
  • My ideal ratio of creamer to coffee is about 1:1.
  • Recently I have become a library book snob. And by that I mean, I refuse to actually purchase books when there are perfectly good books in the library. Don’t even get me started on the Kindle. Ok, fine. I broke down and got a Kindle. Really an iPad with the Kindle app, which is way, way worse. Learn from me and never mount a high horse.
  • When I was really little, I wanted to be a maid. WOW. I just realized when I typed that that I’ve come pretty stinking close. See? I have achieved my wildest dreams.
  • This book changed my life and if I had a million dollars, I would spend it all on copies of this book and distribute it to everyone that I know.
  • Ok, I might save some of it for the kids’ education funds, because that’s important, too. But with the $7 I’d have left over after paying for them to go to school for the next twenty years, I would totally buy one copy and give it to someone who needs it. It’s that good.

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