The Secret Ingredient

You might have seen my facebook post yesterday, but in case you had more important things to do, here’s a recap:


Unfortunately days like this are not all that rare, except that I’m not usually going out of my way to make my kids cinnamon toast. That was a special treat because we had run out of frozen waffles. But the fact that I broiled them to a perfect shade of black would not be very surprising to you if you have ever spent a morning in my house.

Unfortunately for me yesterday, those six crispy pieces of cinnamon toast also represented the last bit of bread we had in the house.

Get your clothes on, y’all! We’re going to Dunkin Do– but before I could finish yelling instructions, they appeared before me dressed from head to foot.

Did someone say Dunkin Donuts? said their small cherub faces.

I’m exaggerating only slightly. But they weren’t wasting any time crying about the toast, you know what I mean?

On the way there, MB wanted to review the circumstances leading to this special occurrence.

Well, I said, I burned the cinnamon toast. And there’s no more bread in the house. Because Mommy hasn’t been to the grocery this week. And I’m really sorry about the toast guys– I put an extra serving of love in those.

Mary Bullock thought for a minute. You know you can still put love in the donuts, she said. I could see her smiling to herself in the rear view mirror.

How’s that? I asked.

Just by giving them to us.


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! The kids are gonna be just fine.