That Thing He Said About the Picture


We have this print in our den, and I’ve written about it here. But now I’m looking at it differently.

Bo woke up from his nap a bit ago and came to climb up in my lap. He whined a little, cried a little, kissed a little- his usual post-nap custom. He’s very snuggly when he’s groggy. He sat in my lap looking over my shoulder at this picture while we chatted.

He wanted to know where the Sissy was in this picture.

Is she behind his back? he wanted to know.

I trotted out one of my old teacher tricks: What do you think, Bo?

She is. She’s behind his back.

As soon as he slid off of my lap, I started writing, because I don’t want to forget this. I don’t want to forget this day when he looked at a picture of a boy and a girl leaning on each other, and he saw himself and his Sissy.


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