Checking on the Noodles

I’ll just go ahead and preface my next few comments with the fact that we are weird people, we Wedekinds. This branch, in particular. Ok, FINE, it’s just me. So, if at the end of this, you think: wow, she’s weird, just know you’re in good company.


I call my children noods. I am pretty sure that when I’m hollering at them in the grocery store, people think I’m saying NUDES, which is icky and not the case. I’m saying NOOOOODS.

It’s short for Noodles. Cuz, duh.


This is the original Noodle. Her formal name was Noodle Do.


This is Noodle Don’t.

If you know Bo well, this makes perfect sense to you.

But then came Tucker, and sometimes we called him Noodle Won’t.


Like especially those first few months when sleeping at all was not on his list of approved activities.

But they all have their good days and bad days, just like me. So their names just all became Noodle. They never have trouble understanding which Noodle I’m talking about, which is great because it keeps me from constantly calling any or all of them the wrong name or the dog’s name, which is a bonus.

But as you also may know, they each have a host of other nicknames to which you may hear us referring. Bucky and Bosey are probably the most common for the big kids. And Tucker, well, we haven’t discussed his nicknames publicly because they make Bucky and Bosey seem like totally normal names.

But I did say I would discuss this at some point, and I’m sure several years from now he’ll want this as evidence for his therapist, so here it is.

I call him Taco. Formal name: Taco Toss. It was this awesome Mexican Salad mix that used to come in a bag? Am I making this worse?

I also call him Tick. As in, Tick Tock. As in, Tick Tock Clock Shop? Which used to be a clock shop in Knightdale, NC?


I hope one day he’ll forgive me for this. I really promise not to one day call his office and ask for Taco Toss Wedekind.

I mean, I promise to try.



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