What Doesn’t Kill Me


I did it! I survived summer and the first day back to school. If you’d asked me two weeks ago, I probably would have predicted that I’d sooner burst into flames than actually make it till today.


I love these children to within an inch of their lives. But they are loud. And messy. And they want things. All the time. But somehow never at the same time, do you know what I mean? They like to want things in single file, so that I never actually get to be done with the making and the giving of the things.


And then there was the poop. First there was the inability to get poop in the potty. Then, finally! After two months of going pantless, the light came on for my dearest little Boseph. And then I got the poop imagery. To mamas of girls or boy children with cleaner imaginations, let me give you an example:

Mama, I pooped a canoe!

Mama, I pooped an alligator!

But to give Bo some credit, sometimes it really did look like a canoe. Good job, buddy!


The bottom line on summer is this: if they’re not watching TV, they are fighting. If they’re not fighting, they are in cahoots to destroy things. Sometimes, on days that ended in lots of wine, they watched TV, argued over what they were going to watch, came to blows over where they were going to sit, and still managed to agree to destroy things.


We did a lot of other things, too, but I can’t remember any of them because I’m working hard with the two brain cells I have left. I think we swam a lot? There are still wet towels somewhere in my house, I’m sure.


So, although the first day of school is kind of sad in a wow-they’re-getting-older kind of way, I’m also thrilled to reclaim some of my time to think.

Of course, all my thoughts will probably be about them.

But at least when they’re at school, they’ll be nice thoughts.






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