Bedtime for Bobo


This boy kills me. After snuggling with him for a few minutes at bedtime, I stood up to give him his last hugs and kisses. While I buried my lips in his squishy little cheeks, he snaked his hands around my neck and locked them behind my head.
I’m nevah letting you go! He said, in his Master of the Universe voice.
Neva! Neva! Nevaaaaaaaaahh!

And even though there were dishes in the sink, and clothes to fold, and quiet to enjoy, I really wished he wouldn’t.


Summer so far

Let’s see.
We went to NC/VA/GA on my yearly kids + mama road trip. Just a little something I like to do to put the rest of the year’s relative sanity into perspective.

Saw my college friends and toasted the newest shorty.
Tucker started crawling. Hosted a funeral for the death of my life as I knew it. It was short and sweet because Tucker was eating my bathroom trash the whole time (rude).

Tucker’s entire grill is coming in all at once. Thank The Lord for Motrin!

MB started on her junior swim team, which is awesome except when she decides it isn’t. We play it minute by minute. Ribbons help.

This is how I’ve been doing my grocery shopping. Sweet Jesus. That’s a lot of kids.
Speaking of having a lot of kids, lately MB has been saying she’d like to have only one brother. So I ask her which one she’d like to send back.
Makes for interesting conversation.
I’m hard up for entertainment, see?

And speaking of entertainment- MB and Bo are working hard using their little noggins for activities. Usually results in at least one of them crying or bruised or hiding. I am hoping that will build character. But what do I know?

Now you’re caught up and Tucker is trying to eat paper. So if you don’t hear from me for several more weeks, I’m probably just still fishing detritus from the back of his throat and holding on till 6pm. Wish me luck!