1 month

Tucker is one month old today! In many ways it’s been the slowest month of my life, but I am also incredulous that we’re almost to the end of October and I hadn’t even realized it. We haven’t even made it to the pumpkin patch, y’all. And we Wedekinds are suckers for a pumpkin patch.

What I can say about being a real live family of five is that we’re still figuring it out. The first few weeks were bumpy, and that’s putting it mildly. We’ve survived by the grace of God and the generosity and endless patience of our friends and family. Many days have not been so pretty, and I really hope to forget them soon.

Other days have been better than I could expect– last night I actually took all three kids to Target [dog food emergency– you’re welcome, Ingle], fed them*, bathed them, and put them to bed by myself.

If you think I’m bragging, well, I am.

Two weeks ago I never would have thought that feat possible.

So there’s improvement. There’s hope.

There’s also chaos. Mary Bullock reminded me on the way to school [late] this morning that we hadn’t brushed teeth. I promised her we would brush them twice tonight.

And Tucker– he’s hanging in there. Bo hasn’t smooshed him, dropped him, or suffocated him yet. And he’s getting some pudge in his cheeks and sleeping most nights. He puts up with us, which is saying a lot for his character. Bo threw a mini pumpkin at him yesterday, and he didn’t even cry.

So that’s the update. Plus a picture gallery, mostly for my mom. [Don’t say I never did anything for you, mama!]

Thanks to everyone who has helped, encouraged, prayed, texted, played, cooked, and was just there for us in the last month. I appreciate you more than a thank you note could say. [But yours will be in the mail shortly, anyway.]



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