Plan for Today

So, Tucker doesn’t so much…sleep at night?

I keep having to remind myself that he’s only five days old. I think even “experienced” parents must block out the first weeks of any baby’s life. It’s good for the survival of the species, right?

So, I know this too shall pass.

Dear Lord, could it be sooner rather than later? Amen.

This morning Lee finally got Tucker to sleep in the swing around 5am, and our two other gremlins popped out of bed at 5:30.

On the bright side, they did not cover their room in baby powder. My expectations are at an all time low, y’all.

When I plopped Lee’s coffee cup on the desk this morning he said:

What’s your plan for today? Survival?

He knows me well.


2 thoughts on “Plan for Today

  1. Survival sounds like a good plan. Stick to it. You are all much to beautiful for the alternative plan. Congratulations guys…. and hang in there:)

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