You’re not going to believe me

You won’t believe me, [unless you happened to witness his tantrum by the pool on July 4th– you’re welcome for that little bit of entertainment!] but this child is kind of hard on his mama.

He’s pretty angelic unless he’s not getting his way. On July 4th, his way was having a chocolate chip cookie for lunch.

I will be so glad when agree to disagree becomes a viable option for conflict resolution with him. But we’re not quite there yet.

Until then, I have started taking pictures of his tantrums and sending them to Lee with captions for context. At least then I get a laugh in retrospect. Better than no laughs at all, I think.

I’ve heard tell that boys get easier around 2 and a half?  If you have a difference of opinion, please do not burst my bubble. I’m holding onto this hope, and to the sound of him sighing maamaaa, and to his sweaty sleepy head when he’s tired, and to his fierce hugs around my neck when all is calm.

So if you see us in public and Bosey is stomping and rolling around on the ground in a fit of temper while I smile placidly into the middle distance, please know that I have gone to my happy place, where there are soft words and squishy kisses.

And please, for the love of God, leave me there.



5 thoughts on “You’re not going to believe me

  1. I cannot tell you the solace I take in this post. Whit is equally angelic (in pictures, in front of company he is entertaining, etc.) but goodness gracious….lately with the tantrums. I have never heard that it gets better at 2.5 with boys….only that three is worse than two. Thus, I am going to hold onto the hope (even if it is false) of the tides turning in 8 long months from now. At least it gives me something to hold onto.

    • Kim– 3 was definitely harder than 2 with MB, but I’m hoping that’s just girl drama. I think we are both going to be in the clear this time next year. If anyone tells me differently, I will put my fingers in my ears and yell LALALALALALALA!

  2. 3 is so much better than 2, I promise!! They can talk and you can reason with them, and as a bonus they may even take themselves to the potty! There is a light at the end of the tunnel ladies!!

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