Triple B

When Bennie was a baby, he was Baby Bennie to me. At some point, my sister disallowed me to continue calling him Baby Bennie, but I kept right on doing it, because that is what sisters do.

But soon I will have to start calling him Triple B– Big Brother Ben.

What a great big brother he will be! He has so many tricks to share and is so fun loving. He also loves loves loves baby dolls, which fascinates me. Mary Bullock likes baby dolls ok, but Ben is a natural caretaker. I can’t wait to see him with his new baby brother.

I also know what an odd thing it is to go from a family of three to a family of four. Before it happens, it’s hard to imagine that you can love another baby so much. But then you just do.

And as an added bonus, when you watch your baby become an older sibling, slowly at first and then faster as your new baby becomes a certified kid, you will find all new things to love about your big kid.

[They’ll probably also fight, because let’s face it, Jen, they’re related to us. But when they don’t, when they are nice to each other, you will burst into tears and wonder how you got so lucky.]

So get ready, Triple B! I’d say you’ve got about another year before your new bro starts destroying your train table. Take advantage while you can, little man!


One thought on “Triple B

  1. Suzanne – I always thought you were such a sweet, kind gal. Love reading all about your kids and you always make me smile how you describe them. My baby boy’s name is Ben; however he is now 32 and a daddy to two awesome little girls. Before you know it, you will be watching all your babies be adults and have their own babies. I now have 5 wonderful grandbabies but love reading about yours as much as I love experiencing my own. Miss you at BK!!! Pat Smith

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