How Does Our Garden Grow?

There are two ways you could take this post. If you’re the unforgiving sort, you could say that this post is way late. Our garden is around two months old and has already produced a bountiful harvest of arugula, basil, parsley, and peppers. We’ve also mourned the loss of a few plants in their untimely deaths– the zucchini bit it especially early.

Or you could say that this post is early for Father’s Day. That would be if you’re the forgiving sort.

I tend to think that Father’s Day is the perfect time to talk about it, because it definitely would not have appeared in our backyard without one certain Daddy’s sweat and tears. Ok, he didn’t cry. That was me. I really wanted that stinking zucchini.

I am often amazed by my husband, but I’m always especially in awe when he builds us something. I love that our children got to watch him do this and I hope that one day when they want to make something for their kids they think to themselves: I CAN TOTALLY DO THAT. I’m usually the opposite: listing all the reasons I can’t do something myself. One of the things I love about Lee is that most of the time he assumes he can do something himself. And he’s usually right.

Even if we end up spending a fortune at Lowe’s.

Happy early Father’s Day, Fun Mommy!

Next project: CHICKENS!

and my mudroom.

and turning our laundry room into a closet.

and rearranging all the rooms in our house.

Oh! and that other baby.

You’re going to be a busy, busy Daddy!

One thought on “How Does Our Garden Grow?

  1. Good for you! Garden looks beautiful. Lee did a great job. I laughed when u said-rearrange all the rooms in my house-b/c I’m in that same mode! I’d love to pass along any tips lee has to Matt. B/c a garden project is coming his way soon.

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