Dear Buck Buck,

I started to say that I have some good news and I have some bad news.

But that’s not really true, not in the long run, which I know you will eventually understand.

The truth is, I have some good news, and I have some even better news.

The good news is that your new sibling is healthy! Praise the Lord. One day, Daddy and I know you will understand how precious life is, and what miracles babies are.

In the meantime, the even better news is that you will probably never have to share your clothes with your new baby brother.

Or your doll babies.

[I can’t make any promises about the baby strollers, because Bo has already given you a run for your money on that front.]

I’m pretty sure you’ll have me [and Daddy’s credit card] all to yourself on shopping trips and spa days.

You’ll never wake up in the morning excited to wear your favorite shirt only to discover that your pesky little sister already has it on.

You’ll never come to blows over Wonder Woman underoos or find out that your sister has been asked out by your secret crush [true story, thanks Jen!].

I’m sure none of this matters to you now, but I hope one day you can see the merits of having not one but two baby bothers.

But I’m going to make Daddy tell you anyway.




4 thoughts on “Dear Buck Buck,

  1. Yay! We’re excited just ot hear that above all that the baby is doing well and is healthy! If MB needs moral support tell her to call Emma later. After all, she did survive a meltdown in the ultrasound room and live to tell about it almost four years later now. We look back on the whole “It’s really not Jack….it’s JILL!” incident and laugh now. However, the tears streaming down Emma’s face and the screams of “It’s supposed to be a baby sister. You told us it was a sister!!!” Will forever be etched in my memory!! LOL. Emma can now advise MB on why having a brother who could care less about your barbies, won’t destroy your lip gloss, and leaves your shoes alone could have serious advantages 😉 Love you guys!

    • Yes, we have been preparing her for a while for the possibility that it could be a brother, but she has been adamant that it is a girl. We haven’t told her yet…we’re thinking that our trip to Disney might help soften the blow. 🙂

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