Hello, my name is Suz, and I used to have a little blog.

And then I got pregnant for the third time in four years. And then Bo dropped his morning nap. And Mary Bullock dropped her afternoon nap. And then we realized that almost every room in our house is going to need to be rearranged to accommodate another baby. So my thinking time has been whittled down to: Oh, I should put on clothes today. And Oh my gosh how is it 11 o’clock already?

My brain is mush. But I do have pictures!

Kirby finally made it home at the beginning of May. His biggest fan was here to celebrate.

I made those crack doughnuts from Pinterest to mark the occasion. Wowza. Those are a special occasion food, for sure.

After a brief visit, Kirbs returned to California, and we took our first family trip to Disney World. We had a lot of fun but were totally worn out. Hopefully we’ll recover at some point– maybe around the time that our children are old enough for something more exciting than Dumbo! Although, when your three year old is squealing and looks like Dumbo is the coolest thing on the planet, you come pretty close to thinking Dumbo really is the coolest thing on the planet.

The princesses and fairies were by far the biggest hits for Mary Bullock. It was strange to see our normally super outgoing child become practically mute in their presence. On the shuttle ride home, Lee asked her what the princesses had said to her, and she lowered her voice to barely a whisper: They said it was a pleasua to meet me.

When we returned home from Disney, Kirby was back for a longer visit and we all headed to the beach for a long weekend. We had mostly great weather, and Kirby and Lee put themselves to work building a sand playhouse for the kids.

And then we came home and bought a minivan.

I may be officially lame, but the upshot is that if times ever get super tough around here, we could live in the car and not lose too much square footage. Plus the doors open automatically, which someone REALLY should think about inventing for the modern home. I have been driving the minivan for three days and am already rolling my eyes at the thought of actually putting a key into our front door.

And that was May. I also have a post in the works about the backyard garden that Lee slaved over this month, but it deserves its own post, so more on that later.

Happy summer!




Dear Buck Buck,

I started to say that I have some good news and I have some bad news.

But that’s not really true, not in the long run, which I know you will eventually understand.

The truth is, I have some good news, and I have some even better news.

The good news is that your new sibling is healthy! Praise the Lord. One day, Daddy and I know you will understand how precious life is, and what miracles babies are.

In the meantime, the even better news is that you will probably never have to share your clothes with your new baby brother.

Or your doll babies.

[I can’t make any promises about the baby strollers, because Bo has already given you a run for your money on that front.]

I’m pretty sure you’ll have me [and Daddy’s credit card] all to yourself on shopping trips and spa days.

You’ll never wake up in the morning excited to wear your favorite shirt only to discover that your pesky little sister already has it on.

You’ll never come to blows over Wonder Woman underoos or find out that your sister has been asked out by your secret crush [true story, thanks Jen!].

I’m sure none of this matters to you now, but I hope one day you can see the merits of having not one but two baby bothers.

But I’m going to make Daddy tell you anyway.