Fun Mommy

So have I told you how Bo only says a few words?

So far we have:


Ooh Ooh! [in answer to What does a monkey say?]


He has also randomly said truck, shoe, Buck Buck [or something close] and fat fat feet [He was repeating my very accurate description of his feet. Actually I think I originally said flat, but fat is also accurate, so we let it go].

But noticeably absent from this list is Dada. I thought he sort of screamed it during one of his swim lessons last week, but on second thought it’s more likely that he was screaming DIE! DIE! If that tells you anything about how swim lessons are going.

So you might be wondering what he calls Lee, right?

He calls him Ma. If he wants a hug or a pick up, it’s more like Maaaaaaaa. So just to avoid confusion, we’ve started referring to Lee as Other Maaaaaa. It’s going well, I think. Lee loves it. I think he’s going to adopt it as his new formal name.

But MB also came up with a new name for him today, while we were stuck in the house watching Lee build us a backyard garden in the rain.

Yep. It’s Fun Mommy.

Fun Mommy builds gardens in the rain and gets muddy. Fun Mommy is going to build a chicken coop and get chickens. Fun Mommy does all sorts of [as you may have surmised] fun stuff.

How’s an Original Mommy supposed to compete with that?


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