Pseudo Status Update

Here’s what I would post today if I were still posting on facebook:

Suz Wedekind is wearing running pants today even though she has no intention of running. Or even walking fast. Can I get an A-MEN?

And then, hopefully, someone would comment that I’m actually not completely crazy, because that person does the same thing sometimes.

And then I would breathe a sigh of relief, because sometimes I do wonder if I’m the only person who ever thinks of putting on clothes and would rather crawl back in bed and die and then puts on running pants instead. Because they are stretchy, and kind of warm without being jeans, but mostly because they are stretchy.

And this, I think, is why I grew so attached to facebook in the first place, because the stay-at-home mom life is, in the end, kind of a solitary one. At least in terms of the day-to-day. It’s not as though I don’t see friends often, but I spend most of my hours inside my house with gremlins who throw things on the floor for fun and produce snot at truly alarming rates and GOD HELP YOU IF YOU GET THEM WET OR FEED THEM AFTER MIDNIGHT, and who really don’t provide the is-she-crazy-or-is-she-normal kind of barometer that other adults provide.

Now that I’ve been off of facebook for [what seems like] many many moons, I think it’s possible that I could jump off that train for good. I did waste a shocking amount of time on it, and time is something that is so scarce in this house these days. I need another six hours in a day just for sleeping!

But I will miss the AMENS and the baby pictures, the encouragement and the camaraderie. Have any of you gotten off of facebook for a while and gone back? Gotten off for good? I’ve got another two weeks to flesh this out before I mindlessly give in to the machine again. That also gives me only two more weeks to remember what in the world my password was.

Let me know what you think! About facebook or about what in the world my password might have been. As Mary Bullock would say, its a mystawee. We’ve got to inbestigate.

7 thoughts on “Pseudo Status Update

  1. If either of us were posting on FB, I would have shouted a big AMEN to the running pants. So guilty – on a regular basis! Lol Being off of FB has been good and made me realize how much time I could waste on that site. But, on the other hand, I’ve missed out on a lot of SAHM convos bc really who can have a phone conversation with a couple of toddlers running around? We all use FB! After Easter, I think that I’ll go back to using FB but limit my time to the evenings for a few minutes when the girls are in bed. I will also keep the app off of my phone bc that makes it way too easy to jump on FB and waste time! I really need to do the same with Pinterest! Besides, I’m about 95% sure that we’re going to register Claire to start a homeschool co-op program in the Fall so I’ll be super busy anyway!

  2. I agree– I will probably go back but give myself a daily time limit, and also take the app off of my phone. I really don’t have a problem with Pinterest, thankfully. I’m so interest to hear how the homeschooling goes…I’ve been seeing your pins and meaning to ask! Let me know!

    • Yeah, I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m getting ready to send in my registration form to Classical Conversations for their K4 program rather than putting Claire in VPK this Fall. My Husband is all about homeschool. Private school in Naples is insanely expensive even if I was working full time again. Since I’m a former accountant and not teacher, I’m nervous that I’ll fail my kid but I’ve been praying about it for some time and over the past year God has opened my eyes to a lot of homeschooling families from church to neighbors to dance class Moms! I had no idea it was so popular! That’s how I found out about Classical Conversations but there are many options out there. It’s kind of overwhelming for me to figure out what is the right fit but I really like that CC has a once a week school day. We attended class the other week and I was really impressed with what those K4 kids knew! They blew me away compared to what my friends’ kids are learning in VPK. They even start learning Latin at age 4! I like that there’s still the social interaction and group work in class and support/networking of other parents. I figure that if we’re going to try homeschooling, then I might as well try pre-school b/c really, how bad can I screw that up? LOL

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