Mary Bullock’s Valentines

Last Valentine’s Day, Mary Bullock came home with a bag full of treats from school. Although she’d definitely had candy before, she’d never been in possession of such a large quantity that was unquestionably hers. She was only two and half, and we’d filtered her Halloween candy down to about two Snickers and one piece of candy corn. So I found myself completely unprepared for how demanding she was over her Valentine’s candy.  She was totally cracked out for several days.

It wasn’t so much the desire for the candy that surprised me– I mean, I have been known to take down a bag of miniature Reese’s cups in one or two sittings– as much as the whining that she used to get it. It was enough to make me want to just throw the candy directly in trash can, which is what I eventually did.

So this year I thought I’d join the ranks of the meanie parents who don’t do candy for Valentine’s Day. But I still wanted to do something sweet.

So this is what we came up with. It was touch and go there for a few days– I was so tempted to go to Target and buy back up Tinkerbell Valentines just in case Mary Bullock balked at the last minute. At one point she had torn out fifteen pages from her pink panda notebook and declared she had done all her Valentines herself.

Of course, then she left them all over the floor and they mysteriously disappeared, so Cutie Valentines it was!

In the end she was very proud of them and told everyone they weren’t oranges they were cwemintimes.

And the sweetest part of all of this was that we got through Valentine’s Day with zero candy crackcidents!


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