Feast of Love

I love to watch Bo eat.

Is that weird to say?

But I do. Some of my favorite times during the week are when MB is in school and Bo and I have lunch to ourselves. He has some pretty strong preferences in terms of food. He prefers chicken [in any form] and detests pasta [in any form, including mac n cheese]. But when he finds something he really likes, he eats it with gusto. Sometimes, like today, he even pulls on his hair in sheer delight.

And for dessert? A game of peek-a-boo. Only he pats his head instead of his eyes.





5 thoughts on “Feast of Love

  1. This is so sweet – and the pics remind me of my Anderson during lunch time – one of my favorite parts of the day too! Hands on head for peek-a-boo too! Great post.

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