Hula Hoopin 101

[Edit: Lee has brought some necessary edits to my attention. Changes in Mary Bullock’s speech should now more accurately reflect what was said.]

I think she might have gotten this from Max & Ruby, but I can’t be too sure because mama has reached her saturation point with Max & Ruby, and all episodes now sound thusly:

Wonk Wonk Wonk? Wonk Wonk Wonk Wonk Wonk?

And then my mind wanders.

Wait. What were we talking about?

Oh yes. Hula Hoopin, by Mary Bullock.

Step #1: Pick up the hoop. Pit up da hoop!

Step #2: Prepare to Spin. Pwepauw to ‘pin!

Step #3: Ffffff……I forgot. I fuh dot.

[There was no mention of a #4, and I did not argue this point.]

Step #5: Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle! Widdle! Widdle! Widdle!


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