Tales of a Fifth Grade Suz

One of my favorite things to do when I get a few moments at my parents’ house is to go through my old things. I come by my pack rat tendencies honestly. 
The other day I came across pure gold.

Love the fake lock and key. This was clearly designed by a nosy mother.
I also listed my favorite band as “Poison.” POISON? Really? I had enormous tortoise shell glasses and twisted my loafer laces into curlicues.

In another “WHO DID I MARRY??” kind of moment, Lee asked where the name Soliel came from. UM, HELLO?    PUNKY BREWSTER?

I really was pigeon-toed, but not when I was 10. But I also could have circled “over-dramatic” “a tad boy-crazy” and “tendency toward verbal diarrhea” if those had been choices. 
Notice that I rated English a 4 [I do all right, but it’s very boring]. There was a time when I didn’t love English?? Impossible.

And there you have it.

Except all the parts that were too embarrassing to even photograph, like where I listed all the boys I had crushes on. And then marked them out and replaced them with other boys.

Those I’m going to work on getting a real lock and key for.


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