God Says

Lately Mary Bullock has been walking around the house telling us what God says.

God says we don’t throw toys. 

God says you can’t fight, guys!

I’ve been thinking of how I can work this to my benefit.

Well, God also says you have to brush your teeth and pick up your toys. How about those apples?!?!

Sigh. But anyway.

So yesterday was pretty much a mess from start to finish [or from start to when Lee, my parenting cavalry, walked in the door]. The baby woke up crying and pretty much cried all day [teeth maybe? who knows]. A host of small things went wrong in the morning, and then, when I finally thought I’d get a break, MB decided not to take a nap. For the second day in a row.

Instead of napping she proceeded to make a series of messes, just as I was trying to get the house back in order after my “sick day” on Monday. The last mess just sent me over the edge. Just as the baby woke up [crying, again], I discovered that she had taken four years worth of Christmas cards which I had saved and grouped by year [I love Christmas cards! I promise I’m not a hoarder], and dumped them into a jumbled heap in the middle of the foyer.  Because she wanted my basket to put her cupcakes in.

Her cupcakes, meaning the crumpled up napkins she said were cupcakes and that she was taking to school to share with her fwiends.

It was not a pretty scene.

I yelled.

I even– oh my gosh should I admit it?– I stamped my foot.

At a three year old.

Then they were both crying.

Then I cried.

It was ugly up in here.

I slammed my door in the face of an unsuspecting solicitor who knocked on the door of the wrong house at the wrong time. My wreath fell off of the door [which is probably just what I deserved but was NOT FUNNY at the time]. 

So then she went to her room [went, meaning, was escorted] and finally fell asleep until dinner time.

At dinner Lee asked her if she had apologized to me for dumping my Christmas cards.

I’m sowwy, Mommy.

I’m sorry, too, Mary Bullock. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. It wasn’t the right thing to do.

Yeah, she said, God says we shouldn’t yell.

So then I cried again. Because she’s so smart. And so right.
And because I love her so much.
And because who needs to keep four years worth of Christmas cards anyway?


2 thoughts on “God Says

  1. Noooooooo!! I'm not. Maybe just a little. But now I really do have to throw them all away because I can't bring myself to re-sort them. And I can't have them unsorted. So. Problem solved.

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