He’s Coming!

So I saw all of these kind of advent calendars start popping up on Pinterest in early November.  The sane part of me said: Suz, go to Etsy. Find. Purchase.

The insane part of me insisted I could make it myself, despite the fact the last time I used my sewing machine my efforts resulted in utter failure.

So of course I decided to make it myself.

Luckily, my mom came down for a visit before Thanksgiving and gave me the Advent Garland for Dummies tutorial.  The good news is, I did it!

The best news is that I can now work my sewing machine without sewing through my own finger. [I actually did do that right after my mom left me to my own devices. I didn’t even know that was possible, but it is not a lesson I will need to learn twice.]

I liked the idea of having an activity for each day leading up to Christmas, so most of the bags were filled with a little scroll naming the activity for the day. The rest are filled with little toys and treats to give myself a break. I didn’t want to stress us so much over the activities that we didn’t enjoy the season! We already had to reschedule Decorate Christmas Tree, because we haven’t had a single spare moment to bring our tree in from outside. Oh well.

I think there is one empty baggie still, and my new mission is to find it and insert activity: Put feet up. Listen to Bublé.


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