It’s Enough

Early yesterday morning I came across this bit of goodness on Pinterest and stored it away in my heart for a rainy day.

And then around lunch time, it started raining. Pouring, actually. And I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t have the fortitude to take my babies out in the pouring down rain for anything other than a house on fire type of emergency.

Down the drain went my afternoon to-do list, which included a trip to the dry cleaners that I have put off for so long that there is a distinct possibility that Lee will be working naked next week.

So there we were, stuck in the house. As if that weren’t bad enough, do y’all remember what an easy baby Bo used to be? I was honestly starting to get kind of smug about it– like, did I somehow give birth to the chillest kid on the planet? I must be SUPER AWESOME. Turns out, he was just saving up for a Big Mama Smack Down.

I am Smacked.
I am Down.
You win, baby. You win.

But I digress. We were stuck in the house. And we had an empty diaper box. And cranky babies. What else could we do besides turn the empty diaper box into a train? Nothing really. There is no other answer

The 45 seconds of each of Bo’s turns on the train added up to a glorious 5 minutes of the afternoon when he was not crying.
But then I realized that I could turn the diaper box train into a laundry train and get MB to pull it to her room.
I got to mark something off of my to-do list after all. 
So today I’m thankful for:
Diaper boxes.
Children who are amused by diaper boxes.
Laundry to do.
Children to entertain.
A cozy home to shelter us from the rain.
And all of you, who read [and hopefully laugh with me].
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


2 thoughts on “It’s Enough

  1. I love it! I adopted a "good enough" attitude as a resolution a few years ago! I don't ALWAYS adhere to it, as I am anal by nature. However, even practicing "good enough" part-time is life changing.

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