Free As We’ll Ever Be

So, it’s taken me a few days to wrangle my pictures off of my phone, but the timing of this post works so nicely with the beginning of November, a month for giving thanks! 
Last Thursday we got an email from MB’s Aunt Kay Kay that her friend Emily [hi, Emily!] had [FREE!] tickets to the Zac Brown Band show at the arena. AND the tickets included the Eat & Greet. Did we want them? She asked. 
I think my response was something like: OHMYGODAREYOUKIDDINGYESYESYES.
Did we have a babysitter? No
But we said YESYESYES anyway, and I really prayed it would work out. Lee and I rarely go out by ourselves, and it’s been ages since we had actually been to a concert.
SO I spent Thursday afternoon calling eight thousand babysitters, who were all busy, because last weekend was also Florida-Georgia, and also apparently some people have LIVES [hello, not us!]. 
And just when I was beginning to despair, my friend Laura offered up her OWN babysitter so that we could go. 
And then we met Zac Brown and his band and they served us an awesome dinner and we sat beside some kooky [in a charming way] women and I stealthily took this picture [no photography allowed, I know– I broke the rules] so that Kay Kay and Emily could witness. 
I promise this is Lee’s thrilled face.
This is his super thrilled face.

The only bad part about this is that I tend to get tunes stuck in my head for weeks at a time, so I have basically been singing Zac Brown songs since last Friday. Actually, that’s awesome for me because I love to sing/whistle/make noise with my face, but not so awesome for Lee, who enjoys quiet for several minutes a day and never gets any.

So, I’ll wind down this post/kick off November by saying:
Kaylan: thanks for the email
Emily: thanks for the tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laura: thanks for the babysitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lee: thanks for putting up with my musical mouth diarrhea. I could be singing like The Spice Girls or something, so it could be worse.


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