Halloween’s in the Bag!

I’ll be honest: this morning when the streets were wet and it looked rainy and dark, I was sort of hoping for all day thunderstorms. Something– anything, really– to make Halloween go away. I’m a total Halloween Scrooge, as we have previously discussed.  But of course, the day ended up beautiful and warm, perfect for trick-or-treating [or, in MB’s new slang, tricker].

MB ended up with several costumes, but their real costumes were Max & Ruby [Ruby! And her Little Brother Max!] My mom contributed significantly to their costumes. I made Bo’s shirt and whined through most of it. Did you not believe me when I said I was a Halloween Scrooge? Because I was not really exaggerating.

This was the last time Bo wore his ears. I think he thought they were his dinner. Why my dinna on my head? he must have thought to himself.

Mary Bullock was serious about tricker this year. She didn’t really understand what the deal was with the candy at first, but she figured it out very quickly while swindling four candies out of the nice mommy at the first house we visited.

As it got dark, MB just had to take a little bweak. A bweak from walking, that is. Not from candy. Oh no. That would have been ridiculous.

And then Ruby & Superman walked home.  I bet Superman’s parents even pilfered his candy. [Not that Ruby’s parents would ever ever ever ever do that.**]

And that was that. We didn’t even carve pumpkins this year. Oh well.

On a side note, though: I took Bo to a playdate for MOPs this morning dressed like this:

It was a costume party, so I claimed that he was dressed as his Daddy. But really these were just the first clothes that I grabbed out of the drawer and wrangled him into on our way out the door.

Then Daddy showed up to our pre-tricker festivities at Meg’s house dressed like…drumroll please?

And though I may be the biggest Halloween Scrooge ever, that was definitely a Birthday Thing.



One thought on “Halloween’s in the Bag!

  1. I'm about to throw away the rest of my girls' candy just so I'll stop eating it! 😉 Max and Ruby, Ruby and Max, Ruby and her little brother Max! Ahhh, make it stop! My girls LOVE that show. Seasons 1-3 played on repeat for the 14 hour drive from here to Nashville TN (and back) this Summer. Good times.

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