We’re back!

Ok, so that little hiatus got ridiculous. We have all been sick, with the exception of Lee, who somehow manages to avoid the germy slobber the rest of us share. He has a maneuver wherein he only kisses the cheek of a sicky with the side of his mouth, and you don’t even realize he’s doing it until you’re in fever misery and he’s bouncing out for a quick run. He’s stealthy that way.

Lee was also our official grocery shopper during our week long convalescence. I sent him for Pedialyte popscicles, which I remembered someone recommending to me last year during the great Stomach Flu of 2010.  But Publix didn’t have them. So guess what I did? I made my own.

I know! GET ME OUT OF TOWN. I’m still pretty proud of them. And I’ve got one left in the freezer if anyone has a sicky of their own soon.

But we’re all recovered for the time being. We’ve had a visitor the last few days, my friend Jill. She just left a little while ago, and the babies are going to be bereft when they wake up and it’s just mama. 

Speaking of babies waking up, my break is over! Stay tuned for birthday festivities, The Great Pumpkin 2011, and more soon.


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