Pinterest, I just can’t quit you

I have pretty much come to the conclusion that if I’m ever going to get my act together, I’m going to have to quit television.

Actually, I don’t watch all that much television, with the exception of Modern Family and Parks & Rec, without which I think life would be much less funny. Oh, and Happy Endings. Also good and most of the time worth staying awake for.

But the real time thieves are Facebook and Pinterest. I’m pretty close to being done with Facebook, although I need to talk myself out of the irrational fear of forgetting the last six years of my life before I actually delete my account. That’s irrational, right?

Pinterest, though. Well, Pinterest and I just started, and we’re in that honeymoon phase where we want to spend all of our time together and we could spend hours and hours just sitting together, talking or not talking. Either way is good. And I’m not quite ready to give that up yet.

BESIDES, if I quit Pinterest, which would allow me time to get my act together, how would I know just how behind I am in the getting of my act in its togetherness? Without seeing all the pictures of how organized and beautiful and creative everyone else is?

It really is the conundrum of social media. 


But anyway, while someone else is figuring out how to solve this mystery of all mysteries, I have been cooking and baking in addition to pinning zing-y sayings and awesome decor.

Want to know what they are? Follow me on Pinterest. It’s already made me too lazy to post links myself. Also, if you follow me I can follow you back and see what YOU’RE cooking and then I can spend even more time avoiding getting my act together.

A quotation I found on Pinterest this week is so apropos here: Old procrastinators never die, they just keep putting it off.

Someone who loves me: please alert me when I’ve hit rock-Pinterest-bottom. But for now, I just can’t quit.


3 thoughts on “Pinterest, I just can’t quit you

  1. Dont worry suz….I am pretty sure that when you delete facebook it actually all stays in tact and then when you sign up again your page is still there. Also still trying to figure out this whole Pinterest thing:) However thanks to you I now know that there are recipes on pinterest. I had no idea but i love your "birthday foods" and have already made plans to try some of them out! Sometimes for me it is not as hard to cook dinner as it is to think of something to cook for dinner…you may have just solved my problems:)

  2. Ha. I think we were just on each other's blogs at the same time :). I agree, I love the recipes on Pinterest, and I have been cooking a lot more since I started pinning. Another reason why it's in no one's best interest that I quit!

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