Potty Mouth Bo

Yesterday I took Bo with me to a meeting. It was a casual type of thing, which was good, because Bo does not yet own a business suit.

He did have one of those onesies with an appliqued tie, though, and I have to say: the days he wore that onesie were the days I mostly giggled through breakfast. Put a tie on that baby he is the tiny, slobbery twin of his father.

ANYWAY– I took him with me to the meeting, and he spent most of the time in his stroller with this legs kicked up making indelicate noises with his mouth.

It’s really quite amazing, if a mama could say so herself— he has a full repertoire of noises that mimic bodily functions. But the best part is how they all devolve into giggles. He has the best giggle.

I may or may not have made some potty noises myself just to re-enact the giggles.

It was worth it. 


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