I’ve got a sickness

And it’s called Skip*Hop.

It started last year on my quest for MB’s backpack for school.

This backpack just makes me happy. She loved it too [BONUS!] and actually wore it on her back to and from playschool every day. [Ok, I might have carried it after school a few times.]

This year she added the matching lunch bag.

And this week, on a mission to preserve the few articles of clothing that actually still fit Big Bo, I realized they also make Zoo Bibs.

I’ve never been one for bibs with pithy sayings on them, like If you think I’m a BRAT you should see my Daddy!! or some such. But this eventually led to an apathy toward bibs in general, which has led to a shrinking wardrobe of outfits not covered in peas and squash.

The Zoo Bibs fulfill all of my wildest bib-related desires and are machine washable.

Now he can wear those clothes just as long as his belly-belly will let him!

But I think Skip*Hop needs to start contributing to our babies’ college funds. It’s only fair.


3 thoughts on “I’ve got a sickness

  1. Love Skip Hop! That is where we finally found bookends we could agree on for LC's room. And now that she has started drooling non-stop, it is time to start using bibs, so I'll have to check these out.

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