From Yesterday

Mary Bullock has this new thing where she starts stories by saying, Once, when I was a baby… And this always makes me smile [and sometimes cry] because I can’t imagine a time in the future when she will not still be my baby.

I try to remember how we got from her being Bobo’s age to now, and I swear I can’t. She was about Bo’s age when I started blogging, and now she has real hair [that she let me BRAID!] and wears big girl panties! And we have real conversations!

Last night, for instance, she had a pink bear sippy cup full of milk.
Mommy! The beaw is cwying!
Huh? I said. Distracted. As usual.

She’s cwying!
Aw! She is crying. What do you think is wrong?
She lost her baby! She was very sad about this. MB is nothing if not sympathetic.
Well where do you think she went?

She picked up Bo’s hand-me-down pink sippy, which had been tumped from his tray in a fit of gimme my cheesy poofs rage.

I found her, mommy. No worries.

Oh, how I love that baby.


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