Didn’t even need to make a wish

So, my birthday was awesome. So awesome, in fact, it’s taken me a few days to wrap my head around actually posting about it.

Last year, if you’ll remember, wasn’t so hot. I was pretty pregnant, Lee had to work, Mary Bullock ingested Bengay, poison control, blah-d-blah.

Up until last Wednesday afternoon, I was bracing myself for another sad birthday. Lee was in trial in Tallahassee and was supposed to be gone until late Friday night. I had to resist the urge to stamp my foot about that one. Don’t judges consider attorneys’ wives’ birthdays? Ugh.

But I didn’t stamp my foot. I waved goodbye to him on Sunday night [ok, I might have pressed my face to the kitchen window and thought seriously about crying] and decided to have a great birthday no matter what. I even planned my own birthday breakfast.

And for this supreme and rare pulling up of my own big girl panties, I was rewarded handsomely. Lee surprised me Wednesday afternoon by calling me from our driveway [trial was done early]. He had re-booked our previously postponed overnight trip the beach, and surprise! he even gave me my birthday present early. And it was thoughtful. And pretty. And had nothing to do with running, cooking, ironing, or children.

And God Bless his parents, who kept the babies and are probably still recovering.

All of my birthday wishes had come true before I even got home to my cake on Sunday, which was probably better because MB helped blow out my candles and it took us several huffs and puffs.

Now I just need to figure out how to keep the glow of these Birthday Things alive till 34!


3 thoughts on “Didn’t even need to make a wish

  1. Is it ok for me to totally call out your selective memory of the actual events of your birthday? Don't get me wrong– I know you had a great time and all, yadda yadda. (And LDW III did an amazing job organizing!!) But you're leaving out a few choice bits for your readers, are you not? 🙂 JBB

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