Big Canoe + Big Congratulations

Ashley, one of my best friends from college, got married this past weekend in Big Canoe, GA. Although logistically challenging, we [Aunt Jen, Bobo, MB and I] managed to make it there and back in one [four?] piece[s]. It was great fun with best friends in a beautiful setting, and it was awesome to see the last of The Feet officially become an old married.

There were many favorite parts of the weekend, but I’ll just tell you about my least favoritest and my most favoritest, just for brevity’s sake.

My least favorite part of the weekend was that Rachel wasn’t there.  She’s 39 some odd weeks pregnant and couldn’t make the trip, which was a bummer. She can always be counted on to remember the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to any of us, and then, after drinks, retell it very loudly.

Not that I’ve ever done anything embarrassing. 


My favorite part of the weekend was this part– when we decided our last six feet rehearsal dinner poem was way too tame and and actually agreed to use the term in the buff in one verse. The in the buff part was a lie but it was so funny that we didn’t really care.

And then Kim made the gesture

which I could not adequately capture on film because I was simultaneously slapping the table and trying to take a breath.

It was not appropriate for all audiences.

Just perfectly appropriate for a bunch of girls for whom the last 15 years kind of disappear when they’re together. Seriously, if you could picture us all with a bit more in the eyebrow department, this is pretty much how we were. 

Plus imagine Julie in her ubiquitous argyle sweater.

You people make my heart SUPER happy.

Another person who makes my heart super happy: my twin sis, who left her own baby with her husband, flew to Jacksonville, drove 8.5 hours with me and the babies, and then got pooped and peed on for two days while I reenacted my late adolescence with the girls, then drove us all home. This is the same [my only] sister who flew down to help me paint the nursery last November when I had the big freak out. I owe her some major favors now!

Now to tackle the laundry and catch up on sleep! That might take me till next weekend. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Big Canoe + Big Congratulations

  1. I am laughing so hard that the veins are popping out of my head. AND I was stone-cold sober. I think I only laugh that hard with y'all. Let's do it again soon.

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