Mary Bullock was slow getting to the doll baby game. Last year, when her friends all started toting their babies everywhere, MB was satisfied stripping all her babies’ clothes off and throwing them naked into the corner of her room to be forgotten.

Lately, though, she’s always got a few babies in her entourage. She calls them her durls [girls]. She is a tough little Mama, too. She gives them ‘pankings and puts them in time out when they get out of hand. And forget toys at the breakfast table– that is strictly verboten. But mostly she hugs and pats them and invites them to sit with her wherever she is sitting.

Some of her durls came with names, like ‘Tewa [Stella]. Others she has named herself, and those are the ones I love the most.

First there was Shewa [Sheila, after one of her playschool teachers]. Sheila has been without clothing for months and months. But she takes lots of baths, so she’s not a total baby of the dust.

Then there was Woowis [Lewis, after our sweet neighbor Mrs. Lewis who gave MB a slew of dolls and accessories outgrown from her grandchildren]. This might be my favorite, just because I love that MB remembered who gave her such a sweet gift.

But today— today I MADE THE LIST.

Meet the newly dubbed MOMMY.
Are you sure you want to call her Mommy? I asked.
It’s a good name, she said.

Can’t argue with that! Mommy it is.
I wonder if she does dishes.


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