Worth A Thousand Words

Lee and I recently had a discussion about which pictures of MB really capture her spirit. Some of my favorite pictures of her are ones where she’s not smiling, actually. Like this one from earlier this summer–
Something about it just makes me want to squeeze her and cover her face with kisses and get her 10,000 milk cups. WHATEVER YOU WANT, BABY of MINE! IT IS YOURS.

But even I admit this is not a side of MB that we see regularly. What we see regularly goes something like this:

I got sunscream, Mama!

Ok, Mary Bullock, that’s enough sunscreen now, sweetheart. 
I got it under my dwess, MAMA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yep. That’s her.


2 thoughts on “Worth A Thousand Words

  1. I don't usually like to use the acronym LOL–I find it mildly irritating, because I think most people are not actually laughing out loud when they write it.But when I read your post, and looked at that last picture, I quite literally laughed out loud. So LOL, MB. Can't wait to hang with you : ) .

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