Have y’all seen this book? I guess unless you have had a boy recently [or had a friend having a boy maybe?] you might not have come across it. We received it as a gift when Lee 4 was born. Aside from being an awesome color to add to my color-by-numbers bookshelves, I love thumbing through it to see the advice for boys.

I especially love the bits that advise boys to be nice and respectful to their mamas.  I have to admit that when I found out I was having a boy, I couldn’t really picture how it would be to love a boy baby. If we’re being honest, I didn’t really know if I could love a boy the same way that I loved my girl.

Turns out, I don’t love him the same. Just as much? Absolutely. Same? No. I hope to one day be able to articulate the difference, but I’m still trying to put my finger on it. 

I pray that I do him justice in his upbringing.

But if he doesn’t call me on his birthday when he’s an adult, I can always go over to his house, press my face to the window, and ask him if he wants pancakes or waffles for breakfast.

What? Is that bad?

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