At long last…

I saw this on I Suwanee this morning…
and remembered that I have yet to actually post pictures of our new den! You would think it would have occurred to me sooner, but you’d be surprised what does not occur to a girl whose life is a circus of house showings, Doa the Exploa, baby + toddler poop, and constant grocery store runs. 
But I have digressed into whining. My apologies.

I’ve done a little more accessorizing on the shelves since that last picture was taken. Now they look more like what you see in the picture above. These bookshelves were definitely one of the most inexpensive parts of the new look, but are easily one of my favorite features.

We still have a couple of projects to go till we’re complete. The coffee table needs…something. Either painting or replacing. We need a drink table by the leather chair that doesn’t cost a gazillion dollars. We need more art on the walls. But we’re giving those endeavors a little break for now– especially while we try to sell the house.

In case you don’t know me at all, and you’re actually entertaining the idea that I came up with any of this myself, my friend Rachel helped us with this. And actually she’s famous. Check her out on page 52.

Baby crying– my carriage is once again a pumpkin. More later!


3 thoughts on “At long last…

  1. I do love the blue background on the bookshelves and adore the curtains. Still think it's funny that you guys organize your books by color, although I guess that's a fair compromise between the Dewey decimal system and my organizational system, which is "books go on the shelf. Or, in a basket. Or just, wherever."

  2. Actually, the grouping by color is awesome for me. I actually do remember the colors of my books, so this makes them really easy to find, vs. standing in front of the bookshelf hoping to get lucky.

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