In sickness

Poor MB has been sick with a stomach bug since Saturday. We’ve been hanging around the house watching nonstop television in an effort to keep her relaxed. She finally seems to be recovering and has successfully eaten some toast and apples today.

I put her down for her nap a few minutes ago. We read two books: The Giving Tree and Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Both are so appropriate in our house.

I climbed out of her bed to leave.
One mo, Mama.
No Buck. You need to rest.
Kisses, Mama.
[She knows which buttons to push, always.]
I gave her a kiss.
Much kisses, Mama.
I cover her face with kisses.
One mo, Mama.
She holds up one finger for emphasis.
I give her one more kiss.
I love you anyway, too, Mama.


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