Potty Training is…

utterly. exhausting.
Please, God, let the light come on tomorrow. My girl is trying so hard.
Last night I put her to bed in her big girl panties and told her if she woke up dry, we’d call Santa and see if he would bring her a special present.
I woke her up early at 6am, and she opened her eyes and immediately asked Call Santa? as if I had that very moment awakened her from dreams of elves on an assembly line.
She wasn’t completely dry, but it was successful enough for Day 1. 
Exhausting though it is, I still get kind of misty eyed when she goes by herself. She just popped out of my womb yesterday, didn’t she?
I’m not blinking for another 40 years.


One thought on “Potty Training is…

  1. wow, you are going hard core all or nothing aren't you! wildly impressed. Mattie has no problem during the day, but that only recently after months and we haven't even attempted night yet. Santa is a BRILLIANT idea. must use soon. Good luck!!! thinking of you!!!

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