New Favorites

MB has a new favorite you tube clip, y’all. I would get tired of watching it, except that she does this hilarious dance every time she watches it, and I never get tired of seeing her do this.  I have it on video, too, but I will spare her some small measure of dignity.

I honestly can’t decide what makes me giggle the most: the hand on the hip, the big girl panty wedgie, or the part where she figures out that I am recording this for posterity.

Here is the clip if you care to enjoy it. But be forewarned: you will have this song it your head for the rest of the day


4 thoughts on “New Favorites

  1. she's in big girl underpants! i have this exact same picture of Lillith too. the wedgie is the best. Lillith used to boogie to Dan Zanes music videos, especially the "Hello, Hello" one. look it up:) Hugs to MB!

  2. She is only sporadically in big girl underpants. Only when we are staying in the house near the potty. Even then there are LOTS of accidents!

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