The English Teacher’s Daughter

Scene: Wedekind house, 7:45am
Me: Mary Bullock, how did you sleep?
MB: Well.
Me: Did you just say well?
[I screech into the study to find Lee at the computer.]
Me: OhMiGOSH, Lee. I just  asked MB how she slept last night–
Lee: And she said well?
Lee: I taught her.
Me: [Bubble. Bursting.]


3 thoughts on “The English Teacher’s Daughter

  1. Ha, ha! English/LIT was absolutely not my favorite subject in school. My brain just doesn't work well that way. I purposely chose a major that would be less likely to require writing papers! But, the one thing that I did learn in school is the difference between well and good! It's actually a pet peeve of mine now and come to think of it I might have Mrs. Lancaster to thank for it. Loved that lady!

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