Round Here

My sweet sweet boy has the most pitiful cough. Today is day 8. But as much as it pains me to hear him cough, and as much as I don’t love that he’s waking up again at night, I know this is temporary and minor in the grand scheme.  I was writing in his baby book the other day [I try to do this on the first of every month, so I don’t forget] and I thought: this cough, however annoying, is something that I will forget about in a month or two. I will look back in his baby book and think: He had a cough? I don’t remember that. Weird.

I think about these things now because of Luke.

Speaking of Luke, MB and Pretty went down the street to a garage sale fundraiser this weekend and came back with the best little cookies. MB and I have been having tea/Capri Sun and cookies in the afternoons.

I eat my cookies quickly. MB eats her cookies s l o w l y.  Then when she sees my plate is empty, she asks me if I want a taste of her cookies [yes, please!], and then she thanks me for tasting her cookies.
Soon she’ll realize that she’s confused about all that, but until then I will attribute this to her abundant generosity and trade her kisses for tastes of her cookies.

And that’s what we’ve been doing. You know, plus the usual.

2 thoughts on “Round Here

  1. Ha! Ben does the same thing. He can't stand to see an empty plate so he starts offering us his food and then says thank you when we take it!Is Luke from the neighborhood?

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